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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

January & February Wrap Up

Let's pretend that this post isn't super late. I always forget to do these posts and I even thought I could include March's books as well BUT I decided agains it because I read a lotta books and they deserve their own post.

Some of the books's titles are links to their review (If they have one) either on Goodreads or on my blog.

I'll shower you with lists this month because I have a lot of them coming this way, including some mini reviews, two book hauls and some more.


1. The Trouble with Twelfth Grave

You could probably guess fроm the title that this is the 12th book in one of my all time favourite series ever! I loved it.

If you haven't heard about this series, it's about Charley Davidson who is a PI who also happens to be the grim reaper. She is funny and sassy, she doesn't know her own strength and she always gets in the biggest trouble possible. And there is something else that's worth reading. Three words- Reyes Alexander Farrow.

That's all I'm gonna say and I'll just leave the link to the FIRST BOOK HERE.

2. The Empress

I actually have a REVIEW for this one. I was very disappointed with it. 

The novel isn't necessarily a bad book, I just think that it goes against everything Tyrus believes in and there were also a lot of things I just hate reading about so that's why I didn't like it. However, The Diabolic remains one of my favourite books anyway.

3. Knight's Shadow
4. Saint's Blood

 I actually have a 6 REASONS TO READ THE GREATCOATS BY SEBASTIEN DE CASTELL post about these books. I read Traitor's Blade right after I arrived on campus for the first time and I loved it. Then, I kind of forgot about the series for a very long time but in January I finally read the other two (I don't have the 4th book yet) and I loved them!

 This is how much I love them. Almost all of the quotes I tabbed are funny ones, there are some serious and wise ones as well but one of the reasons I love this series so much is the humour in it.

5. Благословени (Blessed)

 So this is a Bulgarian book I read, it isn't translated in English and at first, I even didn't want to include it in my Wrap Up but I read it so it has to be here.

I was supposed to write a review about it on my dead Bulgarian blog but I didn't because I couldn't stomach how cringy it was. (It's the final book in a trilogy whose first two I loved.)

6. Fairy Tail Vol. 50-63

Image result for fairy tail

I read the manga. That's why in my Goodreads challenge it says that I've read so many books. Thirteen volumes. Yes, I cheated but I loved the rest manga, I wanted to read it after I finished the anime because it ended at a very interesting moment.



I have a  full REVIEW for the first book in the series and MINI REVIEWS for the rest of them. I loved the trilogy and it became one of my favourites very quickly because I love the urban fantasy genre. 

By clicking on the link on POISON STUDY you can read its synopsis and my review!

The reason I read only 2 books in February is that I was binge watching One Piece. I got to 560th episode and decided to wait until the Whole Cake Island Saga ends before I start watching it again.

In March I read 7 books. I'll post my March Wrap Up soon enough.

How many books have you read so far? According to my Goodreads Challenge I've read 29 (soon to be 30).

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  1. Omg I SO AGREE about The Empress! It made me so angry/sad and I loooved the Diabolic?! So I pretty much wish I hadn't read The Empress because it soured the whole thing for me. 😭😭 Yay that you got so much epic reading done these last few months, though! And 30 is an AMAZING number well done!