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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Social Media Strategy (assessment)

   Considering the past experience I have from my Bulgarian blog, I decided to mainly use Facebook as a way of getting more traffic to my blog. I joined several book-related Facebook groups where I share my posts every time I publish them and that is how my blog gets the majority of its traffic. 

   Moreover, I use Twitter and Instagram as a way of promotion as well, but I have found that people visit my blog more from Twitter than from Instagram even though I have more followers on the latter. One should try their hardest to promote their blog and social media accounts as well which can only be done by commenting on other people's post, following them and tagging them. I find this part the hardest because it is very time-consuming and sometimes the choice lies between having content for my blog or trying to get it out there. 

  In conclusion, I found Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be the perfect way of getting more traffic to my blog and connecting with people with the same interests as mine. 

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