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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Reflective Log (assessment)

   When I first started blogging four years ago I did not know anything about running a blog, how to get it out there or even writing reviews. I went through a lot of trials and errors which I believe helped me a lot in this assessment when it comes to my blog posts. The module proved to be more than helpful in teaching me how to run it.

   However, I found it a little challenging since I am used to writing long blog posts and having to put everything I had to say in 400 words was hard. I wanted to share two different kinds of blog posts, a regular one and a review to show the various articles I produce on 'Damaged Pages'. Unfortunately, I could not do it and decided to share alternative posts instead. 

   Writing has never been challenging for me but I cannot say the same about filming and recording. I do not really mind watching myself on a video or listening to my voice. However, my poor skills at editing are very obvious on my vlogs and podcast. 

   For my audio piece, I made several mistakes. One of them is that I spoke as quickly as I could in order to tell as much of my story as I could, I did not stop to take a breath and when I made mistakes I did not make any pauses and thus, I could not edit them out. That is why in several places the audio's volume goes down very much, while I was editing I did not think much of it but after listening to it several days later, I realised that it sounded bad. However, it was too late to try and edit it again. Next time I would make sure to either speak more slowly or to pause every once in a while.

   My vlogs turned out better than I thought they would. I still do not like the way I talk, it is not me at all but I can deal with that. I feel very stupid every time I hear my intro but I decided that it would be best to use it since it is my opening line on my blog as well. I do not usually use transitions but in this case, I had to since some of the cuts came pretty unnaturally. I also used the same outro for both of the vlogs because the outro I did for the first vlog was very bad. 

  Additionally, when I presented my blog, I was met with mainly positive feedback and I was also given some advice that I decided to follow. I don't have navigation on my blog because I like seeing everything on one page and what is more, my platform's navigation is pretty bad and it does not work the way it is supposed to. It just makes everything much more complicated than it is. One thing I did change about my blog was how much of my posts were visible on my home page. Here I decided to show just my introduction and insert a link 'Read more' so the reader can click it if interested. I believe that it is more user-friendly and requires much less scrolling.

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