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Thursday, 29 March 2018

My Book Un-haul

Hello, fellas! I recently went back home for the Easter break and one of the first things I did was to attempt to hug my beautiful shelves! (I failed.) The second thing was to take out some of the books I plan to never read and just give them to my friend because 1) I don't have shelf space and 2) she would read them... at some point. So today I'm gonna show you the books I decided to give her! (Since they are in Bulgarian and it's kinda pointless to take photos of them, I decided to just take the pictures from Goodreads.)


Just for the sake of this post I just got through my Instagram to the very END (or beginning) of it because I wanted to see if I had any original pictures that I could use for this post (I was too lazy to take new ones). I didn't. I think I have only one in the very beginning of it and it's terrible. (I also had some pretty good pictures but I lost them last year after a mild Trojan Horse incident.) 

So this book was a big deal in my country when it came out but at that time I didn't really know anything about bookstagramming and hyped books at all so I don't know if it was popular around the world when it first came out. I can tell you that I liked the idea, I love vampires and I wanted to read the book.

I started it, I read around 50 or 100 pages (out of 500) and never picked it up again. The writing was heavy AF and it was written in the first person. I always find it weird when a book written in the first person is heavy, they are usually way easier to read. But anyway. If you'd like to know more about the book you can click HERE or on the title of the book.

(I own the whole trilogy because I thought I was gonna read it but after 3 years of it just sitting on my shelf unread I decided to give it to my friend.)


 I watched the TV show before I knew it was based on books. I loved it because the main characters were mature women. What I didn't like were the godly twists in the plot. 

I never really got to the books. I tried reading the first one but failed miserably after several pages because the writing didn't appeal to me. I really hate it when I open a book and the only thing my eyes see for the next 30 pages is good ol' plain text with no dialogue. WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME LIKE THAT? Dry info isn't interesting. 

I also didn't like how Freya was portrayed because she was 19 years old and she was described the way you would a whore. It just didn't appeal to me. And her fiance was some weird 30-year-old guy. No, that's a big no-no from me.

You could read more about the book HERE or click on its title. I also own the whole trilogy and I'm giving it to that same friend of mine.


 I was actually very excited about these books. I have just the first 3 of them because that's how many are translated. One of the more popular Bulgarian book bloggers loved them so I decided to get and read them. However, at that time I already had quite the experience with epic fantasy because I had already discovered Brandon Sanderson (my idol).

Personally, I believe that the first book is very problematic, I also hated the translation but this aside, I liked none of the characters, I thought that Magnus was disgusting and the first main character's secret was such a dump secret... I can't even. I hated it and I DNFed it at 30% or so. I believe this to be my first actual DNF ever.

You can read more about the books HERE.

You've no idea how glad I am I've got only the first book of this series. I wanted to read it so much I actually bought it. The thing that really got me was the title and then the synopsis and a friend of mine who is a big fan of the world of Oz loved it. Naturally, I thought that I was gonna like it as well. I was wrong.

I do realise that this post is like a mini negative reviews post but I have to state my reasons for un-hauling these, right? So lemme tell ya that there was a lotta girl shaming in this one, illogical stuff even for Oz, chaotic plot like I used to write (and I'm no published author) and just things, in general, I did not enjoy.

The things I actually liked were some of the twisted stuff around the changed Oz, the tortures and way some creatures were...modified. I love stuff like that but the book just wasn't good enough for me. I would have probably enjoyed it far more if I read it 3 years ago or so. But now? Not a chance.

More about the book HERE.

Was it hard to part with these books? Hell, yeah. Do I regret it? No, but I always feel bad when I decide to remove a book from my shelves. It just feels like abandoning my loyal pet but still... If I'm never gonna read them, why keep them? 

Just a friendly reminder that this is my opinion only and I do not tell anybody what to or not to like, read or enjoy. If anybody liked these books, let me know, let me know what you like and why. I respect your opinions!

I've been a little too lazy lately but I also have to do two book hauls! One of them is my March Book Haul and the second one my Bulgarian Book Haul and don't worry, some of the books are in English.

Do you do book un-hauls?
Do you find it easy or hard to part with books?


  1. I need to do this soon! I have books from when I was in middle school that I should probably part with.

    1. Well, if you feel like it, it could b the right time ^^