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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Top 5 Wednesday : Favourite Science Fiction & Fantasy in Other Media

Hello, fellas! Today is the day we don't talk about books. Today is about TV shows, Films and Anime. I have a lot to share, but I'm not very good at talking about TV shows so this post might get a little too boring. (Yes, more than usual.)

1. Supernatural

Image result for supernatural season 13
Image result for supernatural season 13

This is my favourite TV show! I love Supernatural, I love the actors, the plot, everything! 
I kinda miss their old cases when Sam and Dean would go on a job, just the two of them, will have to book a hotel room and the receptionist would take them for a gay couple, but I also love how much the show has developed.  I still haven't seen the last few episodes but I will soon.

2. DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Related image

This is another favourite of mine. I love it. I kinda miss the first season which was probably the best in my opinion but the reason I do not like this one as much as I loved the previous seasons is that they are using the same villain and I really dislike him. Yes, villains aren't supposed to be likeable but I've seen 3 seasons with this person already and I'm just sick of him as a character. I prefer Vandal Savage.

3. D.Gray-Man
Image result for d.gray-man wallpaper
Image result for d.gray-man wallpaper

  My favourite anime. I just LOOOOVE IT. I recently re-watched it and even read the manga and now I just want to know what happens next. I don't even know what to say about it. That's why my blog is about books and not TV shows and animes- I don't really have that much to say about them and I hate talking about their plots because I just make them sound boring and they are not.

  If you like exorcism stuff then go and watch it.

4. Bleach

Related image

  I love swords and this is all about different (talking) swords and grim reapers. What is not to love?

5. Fairy Tail

Image result for fairy tail wallpaper

  When I first started this I didn't know what it was about, I didn't know whether I'd like it or not but I ended up loving it!

  I dig strong and powerful characters and this anime is just full of them and it's also soooo funny!

6. One Piece

Image result for one piece wallpaper

And  I was saying that Fairy Tail is funny. Let me introduce you to the anime that will make you literally ROFL.

There're also all the things I look for in a book, TV show and anime- fights, powerful people, likeable characters, swordsman, funny moments, heartbreaking deaths moments.

7. Lucifer

Image result for lucifer wallpaper

  I love Lucifer but the thing with this show is that with every next season it resembles a soup opera more and more.

  I loved the first season the most because it was mysterious, it was thrilling and I just feel like the original idea was lost somewhere on the way. I still love the show but it's just so much different than what it was in the beginning.

8. iZombie

Image result for izombie wallpaper

This show makes me hungry.

I just recently started watching it and I just love it!

It's weird, it's funny, it's interesting and there is a lot of brains food.

The curious thing about this is that when you are turned into a zombie you start craving brains (obviously) but after a zombie eats it, they start getting some visions about the person whose brain they've eaten and even adopt their personality for a while. The MC Liv uses her zombie abilities to help the police solve crimes and I just love it.

Have you watched any of these?
What are your favourite sci-fi and fantasy shows, films, animes?


  1. Great List!
    SUPERNATURAL- I love that show, it's my absolute favorite ��
    I also love Lucifer, but I'm not caught up on the Series :o I'm sad to heart that you aren't really happy with the latest season

    1. I adore supernatural and want to see the Scooby-Doo crossover ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ and it's not like I'm not enjoying the show, I love it but still, there are things that are just absurd ๐Ÿ˜…