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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Top 5 Wednesday - Hidden gems in Your Favourite Genre

  After being too lazy to post for a week (binge-watching One Piece) I'm back with a Top 5 Wednesday post. The titles of the books are links to Amazon (or BookDepository) where you can see their synopsis and prices.

  This Wednesday's topic was pretty challenging actually because I couldn't think of hidden gems which sounds pretty bad. However, most of the time, the underrated books I'd have given in my Bulgarian blog are actually pretty popular around the world so I had to make do with the books that I think are underrated.

  Just one more thing. Personally, I don't like wasting words on the books' plot when I've put links to them where you could check their price and synopsis.

Hidden gems in Your Favourite Genre

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This is my newest favourite high fantasy series of all time along with Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn. I just love it and if you're curious why you could check my post where I present 6 reasons to read the Greatcoats by Sebastien de Castell.


  I rarely find indie authors' books to be good enough for my liking (sorry!) but this one was actually one of the best I read in 2016. I loved it so much! The main character is one of these strong female kick-ass characters who know what they are doing and on top of that- she wasn't a teenager! You could check out my review on my other blog if you'd like to. REVIEW


  I'll share a link to my REVIEW here. 
  What I really loved about this book isn't only the fact that the author isn't a native English speaker but it also deals with some pretty sensitive matters in a very good way. There are some PTSD and rape - things I usually don't like reading about but I loved the book (sci-fi) and will always recommend it.

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I usually dislike novellas but Brandon Sanderson is my idol so, naturally, I read everything he writes (that I can afford to buy) so it didn't come as a surprise to me when I totally loved this book! The TV show is NOT based on it and I don't really know if it (the book) is based on the comic books or not and I don't really care because the execution of everything is amazing.


Fun fact- I had this book for a couple of years before I decided to finally read it and I ended up loving it (#notsurprising). The originality of Sanderson's ideas never ceases to surprise and impress me. I just love his ideas, his books and everything he does.


This trilogy is very close to the middle-grade genre but is still labeled as YA. However, I love it and unlike many YA series, the characters are strong, amazing, well-developed, there is world-building and everything you could ask for in such a short book. I believe that it should get more love and readers, especially younger ones. Personally, I think that this would be a great first book for beginners in the high fantasy genre.


 Have you ever been tired of the usual writing style of every sci-fi/fantasy novel with teenagers as MCs? Have you ever wanted some good killers in your book? Have you ever wanted trained killers to be the main characters of a story? Do you like a good fighting or gorry scene? Do you like killers, killing and violence in books? If yes, check this one out. There is also some pretty nice art in it.

Which are some of your hidden gems?
 Have you heard of/ read any of mine?


  1. Ooh I actually own the first Greatcoats book but ashamedly haven't read it yet!! So this gives me a good kick to go try it.😂I love finding hidden gems because they feel sooo special. Although it sucks when I can't find anyone to flail over them with me.😂 My favourite genre is definitely fantasy, and I'm sad more people haven't read The Demon King and The Darkest Part of the Forest!!

    1. Ohh, I know the feeling! The Demon King is on my TBR.
      I also love the Greatcoats sooooo muuuchhhh! Falcio, Brasti and Kest are so funny and they are like the 3 musketeers :D
      There is also a lot of humour and stabbing :D