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Sunday, 14 January 2018

6 Reasons to Read the Greatcoats by Sebastien de Castell

  This picture turned out to be way too small but I'm no master PhotoShopper so I'll make do with it.
  As you could probably guess from the title, today I'm going to tell you why I highly recommend you the Greatcoats series by Sebastien de Castell.

  I recently found out about this series when I saw Traitor's Blade on Book Depository for like 5 euros and at the time I was living in my home country and this seemed to be a very cheap price for a book in English and I got it of course. This is the best decision I've made last year because this first book introduced me to the Greatcoats and it is now amongst my favourite fantasy series of all time even though I haven't read the last book yet.

  I didn't have this blog when I started reading it so I didn't see the point in writing a review from the second book on so I decided to share with you, fellas, 6 reasons to read the Greatcoats.

1. Characters

 I love the characters! They are very well-developed, sassy, smart, strong and very funny! I don't really want to go into too many details because this post would get too long.

  Falcio is the bravest man I've ever read about! Brasti is one of the funniest character's I've read about and Kest is the best swordsman in Tristia and a very mysterious character to me. He is the quiet one. In my opinion, you can't just choose one of the three to be your favourite, you love them all equally or at least I do.

  I am a sucker for some strong characters. No matter the odds, no matter what they go through, they always find a way out even when everything and everybody believes they are doomed! 
  There are also some jokes at the wrong times that are hilarious!

  But it isn't just the main characters that are developed, there are also the side ones which are just as amazing. I love Valiana, Aline, and some others who grow with every book. 

2. Writing

  The writing is just excellent! I love de Castell's style. It's fast-paced and detailed but it isn't boring. It's beautiful and fascinating at times; I love it.

  I also like it when authors describe different fighting techniques, so this is a big plus for me. I love how he's written everything and I definitely saw some good development in his writing from the first book and the one in the third one. 

3. Humour

  Well, I already wrote several times how funny the books are and I love how amongst the seriousness of them all de Castell always finds a way to lighten the mood just a little bit, to make them more real and a little lighter to read than they are. In my opinion, this makes his books even better than they already are but I warn you, I've been biased ever since I read the first one!

4. Covers

Well, for those of us who sometimes buy books because of the covers- they are amazing!
Just look at the details on this one! They get even better with every book!

5. World-Building

  Most high fantasy books get a little boring when it comes to describing their world because it's so complex and authors usually include some weird and hard words for a thing you would never really remember. The Greatcoats' world is described just well enough for the reader to understand why thing are the way they are and de Castell doesn't shower you with too much useless information at once, In fact, he reveals just the things you need to know in order to understand what you are reading about and the more you read, the more you discover about the world.

6. Plot/ Storyline

  As it is usual for books in a series by the same author, the plot becomes predictable, meaning that you know approximately how the book will go and when events will unfold, however (!), you never know with Sebastien de Castell's books how exactly this is going to happen, you just know that Falcio will have an epiphany at some point and then there are going to be plans and strategies and unexpected twists.

  I love the books for the unique stories they tell in their light, funny and beautiful, yet scary way. I swear that I was more excited while reading these books that I've been in months! Usually, only books by Brandon Sanderson or Laurell K. Hamilton can move me so much. I love them!

Have you read the Greatcoats? Do you like high fantasy books?

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