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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Top 5 Wednesday - Books You Didn't Get to in 2017

(Top 5 Wednesday is a book meme that was started by Laini from GingerreadsLaini and is now hosted by Sam over at Thoughts on Tomes.)

 Hello, fellas! Today I'm doing my first Top 5 Wednesday post!

I am very bad at following my own rules and schedules so I may or may not post anything tomorrow since my goal right now is to post two times a week. However, I love doing some lists!

  I'll stop wasting your time now and proceed to the post.

Books You Didn't Get to in 2017

 1. Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

  Since I loved Outlander, I was excited about this book very much, however, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this series may not be for me. First of all, it may include some time-travel but the books are mainly drama- a genre I don't like very much. Second of all, I spoiled myself about the series and realized that it included things that I don't agree with and I couldn't be able to stand them if I continued with the book. I realize that the purpose of this post wasn't entirely about decided not to read a book but this is my reason why I didn't get to it.

 2. Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

 It's time for something positive! I love Eragon and I actually want to read the last book of the series very much! And I will. At some point. It's been several years since I started reading Christopher Paolini's books and I just think that reading them slowly works more for me than anything else.

 3. It by Stephen King


 I totally wanted to read this last year, however, I didn't have the time to fully dive into it. I'm very curious about this book, I've never read a Stephen King novel before (yes, you read that right) and I actually want to try and see what happens and if I like them.

 4. Hunted by Meagan Spooner


  I've no idea why I didn't manage to get to this one. Hunted was the book I was very excited about and I still am. The idea of the Beauty and the Beast retelling that actually is kinda close to the original appeals to me very much. Maybe the reason I didn't read it last year is that I really want to buy it, haha.

 5. Now I Rise by Kiersten White

  After reading And I Darken, I wanted to read the sequel so badly! I was actually pretty excited about it but the more I waited, the less I wanted to read it. Don't get me wrong, I still would like to find out what happens next, just much. I really can't explain it but I do plan on getting to it. At some point.

So, these are just some of the books I didn't get to last year. Their titles lead to Amazon. (If you're not situated in the UK, you could change the to .com or whatever works for your country.)

Which are some of the books you didn't get to in 2017?

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  1. I'd love to read Eragon ( my friend has been promoting the books for years lol) and And I Darken series but I still haven't started reading it yet because 1. I'm lazy lol and 2. I don't read unfinished books because I'm weird like that. xD

    1. Haha, I believe that the last book in the trilogy comes out this year or in 2019 :D And I love Eragon and it's finished so you could check it out :D

  2. I really was hoping to get to And I Darken, but I did not. So, hopefully this year!!Along with Now I rise ;)

    1. I loved And I Darken, Lada is an amazing characters with flaws and stuff, hard childhood and I just loved her portrayal, I hope I get to Now I Rise this year too :D

  3. I also want to read Hunted this year, I've heard great things about it!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. Yeah, me too, I'll get to it at some point, hopefully ^^

  4. I love the Inheritance Cycle. I read Inheritance when it first came out and I pretty much sped through it. I do want to reread the whole series sometime at a much slower pace.
    Hope you enjoy how the story wraps up :)
    My Top 5 Wednesday.

    1. Thank you! To be honest, I know a little about how it ends and maybe that's the reason I prolonged it for so long but at the time I wasn't used to the genre, so I hope that I end up enjoying it ^^

  5. Great list! I have a number of books that I didn't manage to get to in 2017 as well. I'm hoping to get to Hunted by Meagan Spooner as well!

  6. IT is on my TBR as well! That book is huge and bound to freak me out when I end up reading it, haha. I'm hoping to get to it this year but.. I'll have to get over myself and not be a pussy about it, I guess.. :')

  7. Aww, I am sorry that you decided not to continue with Outlander books. I adore whole series. But I get it, storyline is harsh and not for everyone.