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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

20 bookish facts about me

Hello, fellas! My name is Yuli Atta and welcome to my first blog in English- Damaged Pages. For my first blog post, I decided to do the 20 bookish facts about me post!

The facts aren't in a specific order.

1. I read about 100 books a year.

2. My favourite genre is fantasy.

3. Six years ago I had an obsession with vampires. Now, they are my guilty pleasure.

4. So is the occasional romance novel.

5. English isn't my first language but I prefer reading in English. (And have been for the last 5 years.)

6. My favourite authors of all time are Brandon Sanderson and Laurell K. Hamilton. I also love Rick
Riordan, Darynda Jones, Sarah J. Maas and Leigh Bardugo.

7. I love Harry Potter but I don't like J. K. Rowling's writing style.

8. I've read all of Twilight because I was curious about it. I'm not a fan anymore.

9. I've read 50 shades of Gray (just the first one), failed to see the romance.

10. The longest book I've read is Oathbringer (1243 pages ) by Brandon Sanderson, but the longest I own is It (1400+ pages) by Stephen King.

11. I really dislike YA fantasy but every time I decide to completely give up on it, I find a book like The Diabolic that can return my belief in the genre for just a little longer.

12. I haven't read Lord of the Rings and nor have I seen the films. But I plan to. #guilty

13. I love strong characters, no matter if they are main or side characters.

14. I am a beta reader.

15. I'd like to publish a book in the future.

16. I'm currently studying Journalism and Creative Writing at Falmouth University.

17. I have a Bookstragram and a Goodreads profile.

18. I rarely read something that isn't fantasy because I find such books lacking something. #sorry That's why I don't read thrillers. They aren't thrilling enough for me.

19. I love short chapters and absolutely hate long ones. Especially the ones above 30 pages.

20. I prefer paperbacks to hardcovers!

I'd be happy if you let me know about some of your bookish facts in the comments!


  1. Wonderful post!! Happy to *meet* you! :) I've been meaning to re-read the Lord Of The Rings series... maybe I'll get around to it this year. I hope you love them! :)

  2. I haven't read Te Lord of the Rings yet but at some point I will as I love the genre!

  3. I love The Lord of The Rings movies! But I haven’t read the books either.��